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The Story of Atari Missile Command

September 1, 2009

Sometimes, you find the best stuff in the weirdest places. Absentmindedly picked up this novelization of Atari Missle Command for chuckles in a roadside antique shop right outside Mount Rushmore for $1. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a vinyl audiobook tucked into the back. The cover promises, “SEE the pictures. HEAR the story. READ the book.”

And the audio is, well, incredible. Complete with the ridiculous bleeps-and-bloops background music loop and William-Shatner-knockoff narrator. Been talking about it for a long while, but thanks to the help of Fred Owsley, it’s finally now available online in its pure .wav glory:

* Atari Missile Command Read-Along (Side 1)

* Atari Missle Command Read-Along (Side 2)

If you’d like to read along, I’ve also captured the book and all the illustrations here (which are kind of great in their own right). The best part is that the inner flap of the cover suggests that there’s similar vinyl-novelizations of Pac-Man and Marmaduke. Marmaduke?

Update (11/15/09): Thanks to the ineffable Mac Cowell, we now have a compiled and cleaned up version! He rocks.

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  1. November 14, 2009 12:27 am

    Ha! Love it! So I combined the files & ran it through soundbooth to clean up some of the clicks and pops and buzz. You can grab the MP3 here:


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